My Worry Cubby Colour Creation

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When we thought about what could help our kids experiencing anxiety, we decided it should be something tangible. They can be pretty literal when they’re little. We wanted to create something physical that they could take home, hold and interact with: something real that could really help.


My Worry Cubby Colour Creation

My Worry Cubby is a box for your child’s worries. They write down anything that is troubling them on a piece of paper and put it into their Worry Cubby.

This simple ritual gives your child a way to put their worries aside, without undermining their feelings. It’s a positive and empowering action that lets them step into a lighter place, giving them some breathing space and respite.

My Worry Cubby Colour Creation allows your child to customise their Worry Cubby with colour, bringing their imagination to life! Will it be Fairies or Footy colours? Princesses or Pirates? The possibilities are endless. Designing their own Worry Cubby can empower children with a sense of ownership and control over the product, and in turn their thoughts and emotions. Let your child’s individuality and uniqueness shine through with My Worry Cubby Colour Creation.


My Worry Cubby Colour Creation is not a miracle cure for anxiety, but a soothing balm for a worried mind. It helps our kids live life a little more lightly, with calmness and comfort.

100% designed, created and made in Australia

Dimensions: 91mm L x 63mm W x 115mm H

Includes: 1 x My Worry Cubby Colour Creation, 1 x Information sheet, 2 x Notepads