About Us

Sometimes, worries are just a background hum as children go about their day. At other times, they're deafening. 

My journey started with my beautiful daughter and her struggles with anxiety. Watching her suffer was heartbreaking, and I had no idea how to help. As a mum and primary school teacher, I see and live the effects of anxiety in a child's life. The struggle is very real. A simple worry can weigh a child down to the point where it changes them from a happy and carefree soul to an angry, tired and sad individual. With the world the way it is, children have so much around them that negatively influence their feelings and emotions.

I wanted to help. I wanted to create a step between a parent needing advice and them seeking medical help. When I needed something - a tool or strategy to help ease the burden of worry - there was nothing commercially available.

So, I decided to create it myself. The Worry Cubby is my answer to help manage a child’s worries. We can't make a child's anxiety disappear, but we can give them strategies for managing it: simple and effective tools to help ease the load they carry, provide reassurance and give them a break from their worries.

Put their worries away and let them go play.

Welcome to Calm Ideas, your companions in calmness.

Liz xxx


Liz Paine - founder of Calm Ideas