Our Worry Cubby

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Research* suggests that anxiety and depression among children and adolescents has increased over the last five years, with children as young as 3 affected.

We want our kids to be free and happy. We want them to wear life loosely, with joy and without worry. But, for some children, that’s easier said than done.

Our Worry Cubby was created by parents of children who experience anxiety. Seeing our kids struggle with the weight of the world on their shoulders broke our hearts, but it also strengthened our resolve to help ease their burden.

We can’t wave a magic wand to make anxiety disappear. But one thing we can do is give our children strategies for managing it. Simple yet effective tools to help ease the load they carry, to offer them reassurance and give them a break from their stress. That’s how we came up with Our Worry Cubby. 

Our Worry Cubby has been designed with a group in mind, an effective tool providing children with the opportunity to identify and release their worries. It comes with everything you need, including ideas on how to implement this into your classroom, and notes for to send home for parents and carers, explaining the thought behind it.

Our Worry Cubby is a house for children’s worries. They can write down anything that’s troubling them on a piece of paper and put it into Our Worry Cubby. This simple ritual gives children a way to acknowledge their worries and then put them aside. It’s a positive and empowering action that lets them step into a lighter place, giving them some breathing space and respite.

Although there’s no miracle cure for anxiety, Our Worry Cubby acts as a soothing balm for worried young minds. It helps our kids live life a little more lightly, with calmness and comfort.

100% designed, created and made in Australia

Dimensions: 165mm L x 112mm W x 204mm H

Includes: 1 x Our Worry Cubby, 2 x Our Worry Cubby Notepads, 1 x A Note for Teachers, 30 x Notes for Parents and Carers

* Research Update: Children’s Anxiety and Depression on the Rise