What a big first term it has been.

I feel like the start of a new school year + an 11 week term (in NSW)= tough!

For some children, it meant a different class, and for others it could have meant a different school entirely. For our littlest learners, it’s beginning their first year of ‘big school’. 

I know for the little cherubs in my class, they were extremely tired and definitely looking forward to a well-deserved break

But with this break can often come back-to-school anxiety – especially for those who experienced it at the start of term. Anxiety can present itself in many ways: from the more obvious symptoms of nausea and headaches to the not so common symptoms such as throat clearing and a red ring around the child’s mouth.

Both of my kids experienced back-to-school worries to different degrees, but I found a few things helped them cope:

  • Using their Worry Cubby. This brought them a sense of calm and ownership over their ‘big’ feelings.
  • Getting them back into a routine at least a few days before school starts back with bedtimes and getting up earlier – this actually helped all of us cope when our routine was necessary again 😊
  • Ask them what they would like in their lunchbox on the first day back. Amongst all their uncertainty, this gave them a few things to look forward to- and 100's and 1000's was always a winner for the first day sandwich in our house.
  • I would go through their school routine with them – remind them what they do with their bag when they get there, who they might play with etc.


I hope you're all having a wonderful Easter holiday, and a safe and relaxing time with your families.



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